Something happens to me when I listen to music – perhaps this happens to you as well.

When I hear a song, I don’t just hear a collection of chords and a melody line. I don’t only critique their art and musicianship. And I don’t dive that deep into their lyrics or song writing skills. I go back in time.

From the start of a song, memories start to come back to me. Stories from my life that, from time to time, I forget actually happened.

This blog isn’t about the lost art of song writing. Which is probably best for you, because I don’t write songs.

This blog isn’t about the latest and most trendy bands you’ve never heard of. Mainly, because I don’t know who they are.

Instead, this is a collection of memories.

Most of these bands aren’t bands of faith – some will be.  These bands and records are works that have affected my life and made me who I am today – a husband, father, musician, and pastor from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


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